3 Summer Organizing Projects to Tackle This Weekend

Are you planning to declutter during summer? If summer organizing projects are in your bucklest list of things to do this summer, then you are in the right place. And now that there are stay-at-home restrictions, purging your home is an excellent idea to be chaos-free and create clean spaces. 

Clutter can make you feel crappy, and it creeps into your inner peace. When you organize and put everything in order, you create a soothing home that you can always look forward to after a stressful day. According to Recovery, organizing your home offer a calming effect and can help you find inspiration and take charge of your environment. 

On top of the mental health benefits you get while organizing your home, it can also help you save time and resources. Below are three easy summer organizing projects that you can do on an afternoon.

1. Organize the garage

The garage room is the notorious dump-it-all room where all the knickknacks end. And when there is endless clutter in the way, it can be hard for you to shelter your vehicle. Organizing your garage should be your top priority this summer. Declutter and install a garage organization system to keep it in check all year round-you might not get to declutter until the following summer. You need to find a way to store these items in the garage, from automotive, sports equipment, camping gear, gardening tools to seasonal decor.

Start by purging and trashing any item that’s of no use in the garage. Do some touch-ups like painting, doing finishes, and fixing areas like the cabinets. Group and store your garage’s content together. For example, designate a storage space for the lawn care tools, sporting equipment, automobile tools, and holiday decor. You can consider adding garage cabinets if you don’t have them to maximize the wall space. Dedicate a parking space that is within reach. Also, keep items that you frequently use within reach and make sure that your shelves and cabinets are easy to access. 

Get stackable storage bins for more minor things you have in the garage. Donate or trash as much as possible because chances are most items have no use in your house. 

3 summer organizing projects

2. Keep your closet in check

Another easy summer project you can tackle is the closet cleanup. Everyone anticipates a morning where you wake up, get ready, and go in a short time. But it can be a headache when you have to spend hours trying to find an outfit or other sock. Take the time to spruce and organize your closet. Take out a box and declutter your closet. You will be surprised to have so many clothes you don’t need anymore in the closet. Discard the random things in your linen closet. For some reason, stuff like the bulk toilet paper and cleaning supplies end up in the linen closet. Take all these random stuff to their storage places and create space for your clothes and accessories.

Put the summer clothes within reach and store away the heavy clothing. This will make it easy to find things when needed. You can also label the shelves so that it is easy to organize things back after use. As the norm, trash, donate or sell extra clothes that you don’t wear. 

3. Organize your home office

Do you have a designated home office? With work-from-home and homeschooling happening, things can get out of control. Get office clutter out of the way on the weekend and create a productive working space at home. Use shelves and cabinets to keep office accessories and documents in one place. If you have a lot of inventory, you can look into storage baskets to keep all your products. Get paper holders for your work desk to keep all the papers from cluttering your desk. 

If you are looking to start on a summer organizing project, you can give Tucson Waste Services a call to get a junk dumpster.