Did you know that carpet discards contribute two percent of municipal solid waste? Yes, consumers generate four billion pounds plus of old carpets that enter the waste stream each year. And importantly, —although a complex process—you can recycle your old carpets. Notably, donating used carpets isn’t the best disposal due to health risks. You can only dump it—not eco-friendly because of its toxic components— or you can recycle. Also, you can’t toss carpeting material in your recycling bin due to its bulky nature. You might need to consider a unique waste collection or look for recycling facilities that accept carpet and carpet padding for recycling. If you’re ready to tear out the floor carpets, here are four reasons to recycle carpet in Tucson.


Reasons to recycle carpet in Tucson.

1. Carpet recycling in Tucson preserves virgin resources.

The carpet recycling process converts the post-consumer carpet material into valuable products. Typically, your Tucson carpet recycler will collect and break down your carpet to get useful raw materials to manufacture new products. 

And these end products benefit sectors like transportation, automobiles, homes, gardens, and constructions.

Old carpet tile, for instance, can relatively produce new carpets to use in homes.

Other valuable materials from carpet recycling include composite lumber, roofing shingles, car parts, railroad ties, fillers, and much more. 

Recycling old carpets to get new raw materials is an excellent way to curb the exploitation of natural resources.

Additionally, recycling your floor covering can minimize the use of fossil fuels.

2. Carpet recycling reduces landfilling.

Landfills are filling up, and the sad part is that waste in the landfills takes ages to disintegrate.

And the more we add carpet waste, the more land space we need to dump waste. 

Carpets are a product of complex material that is hard to decompose in landfills. 

Diverting the old carpets and carpet padding from the landfills can help reduce the waste taking up the land space.

recycle carpet in Tucson

3. It is convenient to recycle carpets in Tucson.

Recycling a carpet sounds complex, yet it is convenient and possible. 

It is pretty easy to find a collection site that accepts post-consumer carpets and carpet padding for recycling. A quick search on the CARE website can help you locate the nearest old carpet recycling facility. 

You can also check with your Tucson hauler, Tucson Waste Services, for carpet recycling options.

Alternatively, there are take-back options for old carpets.

Instead of keeping an old carpet—and wasting a ton of space—you can schedule a drop-off at a recycling facility and get rid of junk.

4. Carpet recycling protects the environment and guarantees a sustainable future.

Dumping residential and commercial carpets in landfills is a considerable threat to the environment.

For instance, it can take hundreds of years for the carpet discards to break down entirely. 

Also, it produces toxic gasses into the atmosphere, which are lethal for the ozone layer.

Additionally, toxic matter from decomposing carpets can leach into the ground and contaminate groundwater.

Recycling carpets put them in a close loop and minimizes the rug that goes to the landfill. Ultimately, it protects the environment from toxic gasses and ensures that we live sustainably. 


How can you recycle your carpet in Tucson?

The onus is on you to find a responsible and safe way to discard your floor covering. 

Carpet scraps are susceptible to contamination which can make them non-recyclable.

Paint and drywall mud, for instance, is the most significant contaminants that can damage a recyclable carpet.

Water can also damage a recyclable carpet and render it useless. Keep your old flooring carpet in dry storage as you look for a carpet recycling facility in Tucson.


Have questions about recycling carpet in Tucson or otherwise getting rid of junk and construction debris? Let Tucson Recycling & Waste Services help you with a dumpster rental.