5 Tips for A Stress-Free Move

The idea of moving houses can be exciting! You are packing your life into tiny boxes, ready to move into a brand new place. But, not without a little bit of challenges and stress as the moving day creeps in. According to stats, six out of ten people find moving an overwhelming event. Moving homes means that you have to start all over in a new place and handle the tiny but crucial details like changing addresses. Fortunately, there are survival tactics to help you get the stress baggage off your shoulder. Our five tips for stress-free moving will help you move smart.

Five tips for stress-free moving.

1. Create a moving plan.

Moving houses needs a plan whether you have a month or a year to move. You need a proper strategy on how to move your property, how to adjust to the new place, and have a budget for moving. Additionally, you need to plan how and when to pack your household items.

Create a to-do list for the things you need to take care of before moving—plan on when to cancel utilities in your old home and have them functioning in your new home. You don’t want to arrive at a pitch-black home, with no water and wifi.

2. Start tossing away junk early.

Purging your house as early as possible is another way to create a stress-free move. Chances are you have household junk that you want to dispose of. Tossing away garbage will give you ample time to pack and move. The simplest way to eliminate trash is to sort items into three groups: sell, donate, or dispose.

If you have time, you can host a garage sale or list items for sales online and earn a few bucks from selling some of the household items. You can also donate or dispose of the rest. Go through things in each room, including the attic and the basement area, and get rid of lurking items. In the end, you will have fewer essential items to pack.

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3. Use a packing plan.

If you think packing whole house items into boxes is an hour or two job, then you’re wrong. Start packing items you don’t use daily early to avoid the last-minute rush. Create a packing plan and get the packing boxes ahead of time. If you have movers, they can help you source for the boxes or visit stores and get your packages. Remember to get quality packing materials to avoid breakages. Pack room-by-room to make it easier and fast.

4. Outsource where you cannot handle.

What’s the point of you trying to save on moving while breaking your back and wasting time in the process? Get professional help where you need it like professional junk removers and haulers. You will save better if you use dumpster rentals to help you dispose of trash in your home before you move. Professional movers can help you handle bulky items like furniture and electronics. You will have peace of mind knowing that you have someone handling the heavy boxes.

5. The organization is critical.

Staying organized from start to finish is also another way to experience stress-free moving. Label all your boxes when packing with item destinations. Organizing items makes the unpacking and settling to your new home seamless. Put kitchen items in a box marked kitchen, etc. You can also have a box with essential items you will need to use when you arrive. Have boxes for crucial documents and valuable/sentimental items you don’t want to lose in the process.

Junk and trash removal before and after your move.

Are you ready to move? If you have followed the tips here, you’ve probably created a pile of junk/trash that needs to be removed. That’s where Tucson Waste comes in. We can get a dumpster rental to your property so you can get rid of the junk and debris rather than taking it with you. We have flexible rental options so you can keep a roll off container for a few weeks and work slowly or you can do a weekend rental and finish the project in one swoop.

Call us today to get your free quote and start heading toward that stress-free move.