5 Easy Summer Yard Cleanup Tips

Is your yard messy and in need the easiest way to maintain a beautiful yard during summer? A clean and beautiful yard not only boosts your home look but also provides an ample outdoor space you and your family can enjoy during the summer. While your yard needs regular cleaning throughout the year, cleaning the yard during the summer will help you create a safe space for summer activities.

With the current new normal, cleaning up your yard is the best way to get fresh air, get busy, and at the same time isolate to stay safe. Cleaning up a yard is not easy, you will need an extra hand to help, and it can take days to have your beautiful yard back.

Are you ready to start tidying up your yard? We have excellent summer yard cleanup tips to help you create a gorgeous summer yard. 

Invest in Clean and Sharp Tools

Do you have the tools for the trade ready? You need excellent yard-cleaning tools like clean and rust-free clippers, sheers, a lawnmower, rake, shovel, and a spade. Sharp tools make the most beautiful cuts making sure that your garden plants will grow back faster.

Also, don’t forget your protective gear like gloves, a hat, sunscreen, and trash bags. When you have the right tools for your yard cleaning project, it makes it easier to start sprucing up your yard. 

Pro tip: Include a dumpster container in the list of your cleaning tools because it will play a significant role in disposing of yard waste. If your backyard cleanup is way overdue, then chances are you will produce more yard waste than you can handle. You’ll want a Tucson dumpster company that handles yard waste to get a solution that fits your project. 

Get the Biggest Debris out of the Way

Create a safe working space by removing any massive debris lying in your yard. If it’s been a while since you cleared your yard, you may have rocks, tree branches, scrap metal, or even old furniture that you temporarily put in your yard. Get creative as you get this debris out of the way. You can use the rocks and stones to landscape your flower bed. Toss the rest of the yard debris to a dumpster so that you can safely dump in a disposal area.

Start on Overgrown Trees and Work Your Way to the Shrubs

Do you have overgrown trees in the yard? Broken and thick tree branches can be an eyesore. Start trimming the overgrown tree branches using a handsaw for larger tree branches and sheers for tree limbs. You can let a professional landscaper handle tall tree branches that you can’t reach. Once you finish shaping the overgrown branches, start working on the shrubs. Collecting the twigs and dead leaves can be tiring. Use the rake and a leaf blower to collect the twigs and the fallen leaves. You can utilize this yard waste made of dead leaves, twigs, and clippings to make compost manure.  

Clear the Lawn

After working on your overgrown tree branches and shrubs, it is time to clear the lawn and work on tall grass. Use a lawnmower to trim the overgrown grass and use the rake to collect the grass trimmings. You can add the trimmings to your heap of compost or use them to mulch your garden. Mowing your grass during the summer is the best idea since they are dry.

Final Summer Yard Cleanup Tip: Dispose of Yard Debris in a Tucson Dumpster Rental

Is your yard looking beautiful? It is time to dispose of all the yard waste safely. Haul away all the yard waste and dispose of them at the dumping site. Tucson Recycling and Waste Services provide yard waste management services at affordable rates. Kick back after a hard summer yard cleanup as we dispose of your yard debris.

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