Playing a role in home recycling feels good. However, knowing that you can recycle construction debris is even exciting. You are doing the best for the planet and the future generations. Tucson’s construction waste recycling process isn’t any different from home recycling—except with the nature of recyclable materials. Construction recycling deals mostly with dusty construction, demolition, and inert debris The best part about construction recycling is it is the ideal way to achieve your green building goals. Below are the best Tucson recycling tips to help you ace construction recycling and give your project a competitive advantage.

What can you do with construction waste?

A sustainable approach to construction waste is ideal for reducing the whopping amounts of debris that goes to the landfills every year—the EPA estimates it to be over 600 million tons.

Understand the construction garbage to recycle

The first step to take with construction recycling is knowing the exact materials you can recycle.

If you didn’t know, most construction waste is recyclable, and you can divert them into valuable manufacturing materials.

The type of construction garbage to recycle in Tucson includes drywall, lumber, metals, concrete, cardboard, paper, plastics, asphalt, ceramic tiles, dirt, and aluminum cans.

You’reYou’re probably wondering what end products you can get after recycling construction trash.

Lumber, for instance, can make perfect engineered wood. You can utilize engineered timber to make furniture, flooring material, etc.

Concrete and asphalt waste can make aggregate products.

Another crucial recycling tip to understand is the methods of construction recycling in Tucson.

There are different methods to sort your recyclable material, and these are;

  • Site-segregation. This type of construction waste recycling is where you put recyclable C&D material of the exact nature in one dumpster.
  • Commingled recycling. You can put all the recycling waste material in one container, and the recycler will sort the trash at their facility.

Tucson recycling tips

Consider deconstruction

One way of recycling construction garbage is to reuse them without processing them into new products.

And the ideal way to get re-usable material from a demolition or construction site is to consider deconstruction.

This method is where you tear down a structure carefully to salvage fixtures and materials like wood, doors, windows, metals, roofing, concrete, and much more. 

Find your premier local recycler.

Consider working with a construction recycler if you are serious about achieving your LEED goals.

For logistics reasons and cost parameters, a local recycling facility in Tucson will offer the best.

Check with your hauler and know the recycling waste they accept. Luckily, Tucson Waste Services considers and takes various construction garbage for recycling.

Eliminate the wastage of construction materials

Another excellent recycling tip is to build to the exact standard dimensions. Much construction waste comes from cutting and adapting construction materials to the building dimensions.

Working on standard dimensions guarantees less waste material which means that you will have less to recycle—recycling can be a whole new tedious job.

Furthermore, building to the standard dimensions ensure that you procure enough materials to use, which means less wastage.

Put recyclable material in a dumpster. 

The best way to hold recyclable C&D on a construction site is to use the correct size container. There are several receptacle sizes to fit any amount of recyclable construction junk.

Dumpsters on sites ensure recycling efficiency and boost your projects’ efforts diverting construction and demolition debris.

Also, construction dumpsters encourage your workers to focus on recycling best practices.

Importantly, managing construction garbage is an excellent way to curb site accidents and guarantee your employees’ safety.

Your Best Tucson Recycling Tips: Using Tucson Waste Services

Recycling construction waste is a no-brainer for the right crew! Contact Tucson Recycling & Waste Services to get immediate help with your recycling.