Often, we imagine that it is the sole responsibility of the government and organizations to protect the environment. The little steps you take to promote sustainable living can contribute immensely to environmental protection. Taking environmentally-friendly measures when making purchases and lifestyle decisions is one crucial step to protecting our planet. However, if you’re a beginner, you might be wondering what it means to go green in Tucson and how to start. News flash; going green isn’t rocket science, and it doesn’t cost a ton of money. And the best part is that it offers more to you, like saving your money and improving your health.

Below are excellent six ways to go green in Tucson.

Pick reusable bags and containers over plastics.

Do you know how harmful plastics are to the environment? We use plastics without putting much thought into how or the best ways to dispose of them safely.

And according to data by Tucson.Com, it can be tough to recycle plastics, and they can take between ten to 450 years to decompose.

The plastic bags, cutlery, bottles, etc., in your kitchen contributes to the 35.7+ million tonnes of plastic garbage produced yearly.

With that in mind, switching your plastic containers and packaging materials for reusable bags and containers is one excellent way to go green in Tucson.

Consider using reusable dishes rather than plastic cups, plates, and cutlery to prevent your bin from filling up with non-recyclable trash.

Additionally, swap out plastic grocery bags for reusable carrier bags.

One easy way to go green in Tucson is to get a reusable water bottle you can fill with tap water, a coffee cup, and a straw, and avoid bottled water that costs you money and adds trash.

Start your garden in Tucson.

The rate of pesticides and other chemical use in modern farming is mind-boggling. And these farm chemicals can be harsh on the soils, water, vegetation, and other animals. 

Starting your home garden is another way to go green, grow organic food for your household and protect the environment.

Nothing feels good than knowing the source of the food you consume.

If you don’t have a garden to produce food, you can consider sourcing your food from the local farmers’ market.

go green in Tucson

Embrace recycling

Recycling is another way to be environmentally conscious and divert waste—that would otherwise be destined for the landfill—into a helpful product.

Dedicate a bin for recyclables in your household like plastics, glass, cardboard boxes, papers, aluminum containers, event carpet etc.

You can also find recycling options for inert debris like construction waste and yard debris when you do residential remodeling or landscaping jobs.

Most cities like the City of Tucson offer recycling pick up services, and there are other options like using licensed private haulers like us.

Try green energy

Another way to be sustainable is to use green energy and avoid electric power because it can be toxic to the environment.

First electric energy consumes tons of natural resources and produces waste like fuel rods—which are super radioactive—and hot water discharge that causes thermal pollution.

Replace electric energy with green energy because it is natural, inexhaustible, environmentally friendly, and self-sufficient.

Some of your green energy options include wind power, solar power, biofuels, biomass, and hydropower. 

Consider fixing before replacing

It can feel pretty convenient to replace a damaged item with a new one from the store.

It is expensive to replace or buy new stuff and creates tons of junk at home.

Find creative ways to make your things like electronics, appliances, clothes, shoes, etc., last longer.

And an excellent green option is to repair before replacing worn-out items.

If you don’t need an item anymore, you can consider repairing and giving it away.

Go digital

Going green can be pretty straightforward! Eliminate the paper trail by moving your bill payments online.

Also, consider stopping the junk mail and saying no to receipts.

Ready to go green in Tucson? Let us help you by renting a dumpster today for all your recycling materials.