Weekend Renovation Projects for 2021

Do you have free time over the weekend and looking for things you can do around the home? Are your floors too old to fit your vibrant personality? A weekend renovation project could be the best thing to do. Thanks to the pandemic, homes are the places we spend most of our time. And sometimes, staring at the same old walls for months, dealing with clutter, or having to deal with broken appliances can be stressful. Thankfully, there are exciting DIY home improvements you can do, which can take a day or two. So, keep reading if you need ideas for some great weekend renovation projects.

Below are the best weekend remodeling projects that can guarantee a vibrant, functional, and clean home.

Add a home office

A home office is a critical space in homes now more than ever. According to a study by Zillow, homeowners who work from home are repurposing their extra rooms to create a home office, while those looking to purchase a home are considering properties with a designated space for a home office. If you work from home, you need an area to draw the line between work life and home life. Dedicate a space in your finished basement area for a home office or turn your guest room into your quiet and serene home workspace. 

A home office is not just a vital space to improve your productivity; it can earn you tax deductions if it meets all the IRS’s requirements. This is an example of weekend renovation projects that can have great ROI.

Give your walls fresh paint.

Are your walls getting drearily dull each day? Applying new paints on your walls is also another best weekend renovation project. Painting can be a quick DIY project to give your home a new look. Get your painting supplies and brighten your walls. You can go above and create feature walls with that wallpaper you’ve wanted for a long time or the bold color to liven up your space. 

Compliment your walls by giving your floors a warm-color painting or new warm carpets. You can check online for more inspiring ideas to renovate your walls even without paint.

Renovate your kitchen

Another renovation project you can do on the weekend is improving or give your kitchen a new style and look. Replace your old or install new kitchen cabinets to flow well with your new kitchen design. Additionally, you can transform the entire kitchen with fresh paint and change that dark and dreary kitchen department to a brighter and lively space. 

You can also update or add new efficient kitchen appliances. For example, you can install a dishwasher to save water and energy. Check and upgrade your countertops. You can also install a kitchen backsplash for more functionality and an appealing look.

Giving your kitchen a makeover doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Sometimes you only need cleaning supplies, sandpaper, a paintbrush, and a weekend to update your kitchen.

weekend renovation projects

Reorganize your closet and storage spaces.

Thanks to the stay-at-home order, clutter in closets and storage areas build up quicker than you can keep up with. Take your weekend to clean out the closet and storage rooms. Tackle the clutter one item at a time and dispose of all stuff that keeps creating a mess in your closet and filling up space. Reorganizing the closet and storage spaces is the ideal time to donate or dispose of unwanted items. You can also expand your wardrobe by utilizing the extra space that comes with walk-in closets and storage.  

Work on the home exteriors

Your home exterior is one of the places that gives the first impression about you. Replace the siding, roof, or remodel the deck. You can also do landscaping, replace the entry or garage door. These are the projects that improve your property’s curb appeal and can recoup more money during a sale. 

For such weekend projects, you will need a plan for debris disposal. Luckily, Tucson Waste and Recycling Services offers dependable dumpsters. Contact us!