Trash Compactor Rentals in Tucson, Az

We offer service for self-contained and stationary compactors. Our skilled staff and fleet of well-maintained trucks can provide dependable service for your existing compactor.

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If you choose to purchase a compactor, our knowledgable staff will work with you to provide insight and recommendations. We’ll meet with you to discuss our variety of affordable options and help you select the compactor that best meets your company’s needs and budget.


Benefits of Using Trash Compactors

Are you looking for a trash compactor? Waste management in homes and businesses is crucial yet can be most challenging. Our trash compactors in Tucson provide the most economical way to handle enormous amounts of residential or commercial garbage. 

Consolidation of trash is the best alternative way to reduce your trash load and forget about frequent trash pick services. Enlisting for this type of trash management will save you time and resources. 

Whether you need a stationary or a self-contained compactor, Tucson Waste Services is your reliable partner regardless of the size of your organization.

We supply and manage garbage compactors across the Tucson area and beyond. 

These products are handy and can help your organization keep trash management expenses down, and they come in different sizes to suit your sanitation needs.

What is the difference between a stationary and self-contained trash compactor?

Garbage comes in different materials, texture, and form and that is we’ve developed products to ensure that no trash create an unsightly mess on your property or business premises. 

Do you run a business that generates waste mixed with liquids like a restaurant? Managing such trash can be a daunting task. For instance, the fluid in your rubbish can seep through the solid waste and create an awful sight. The best trash compactor for such businesses and projects is a self-contained compactor. 

Cutting Edge Technology

This particular compactor is equipped with a cutting-edge machine to separate the liquid from the solid waste. So, that means these compactors can eliminate the fluid, and also, it is designed with a drainable sump to handle the liquid. 

With such a reliable compactor, you can be sure of a clean job and an easy way to manage liquid and solid waste. Additionally, a self-contained compactor ensures the liquid doesn’t contaminate the solid waste; hence it can be easy to recycle and dispose of.

Improve Waste Disposal with a Compactor

A stationary compactor, on the other hand, is excellent trash equipment for solid dry trash. Think of cardboard, papers, boxes, plastics, aluminum, and any other dry solid waste. 

This compactor can handle high volumes of dry garbage, so whether it is a mall, manufacturing plant, or retail store, you can depend on this waste solution. It is also great for construction sites that produce similar garbage.

Additionally, we fix stationary compactors to the ground so that it is secure and safe.

What are the benefits of trash compactors?

Managing high volumes of solid garbage can be an uphill task. From endless waste collection trips, lousy odor, an ugly mess to pests infestations, managing refuse can be a headache. 

Trash compactors bring much-needed relief to controlling trash in business premises and vast construction sites. 

  • One of the benefits of this trash equipment is that it neatly compacts the trash into smaller volumes hence can handle more junk with a smaller space. That means you will save money on trash bags and disposal costs.
  • Trash compactors also help curb pests like rodents and insects from infesting your trash can and ultimately keeping away pests from your premises and homes.
  • Another benefit is that trash compactors prevent illegal dumping because these bins are secure. And it also prevents your trash from spilling and keeps the area clean.
  • Trash odor is the biggest turn-off. Luckily, trash compactors resolve the unpleasant smell from trash and ensure that the surrounding is free from liquid waste.
  • Last but not least, trash compactors are pavement friendly, which means that the is minor tear and wear on your pavement. 

Purchase a trash compactor for your business.

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