Are you looking for ideas to transform your yard into an oasis this summer? Summer is the perfect time to indulge in fun outdoor activities like swimming, hosting a BBQ with friends, playing frisbee and bocce ball, hiking, and hosting outdoor parties. Fun summer activities call for an outdoor space that’s inviting. You need to create a beautiful and safe space for your and your family to enjoy. And thankfully, there are many ideas for a yard makeover. You can do easy summer yard updates and turn the back or front yard into a safe space to spend time with family and friends. Below are easy summer yard updates that can make an unattractive yard a haven.

What are the best summer yard updates?

Summer yard updates don’t have to be super expensive or time-consuming. Achieve your desired summer yard with the below ideas.

Spruce up the yard

The first thing to do about the yard is clean and remove yard debris. Give the bushes and overgrown branches a good pruning to eliminate them and create beautiful edges. Give the hard surfaces like the patio and deck a good scrub and power wash.

Pick up and dispose of unsightly items in the yard. Things like broken furniture, grass clippings, branches, stumps, rocks, plants, and leaves can turn the yard into an eyesore—and a haven for pesky pests.

You can also pressure wash the pavement and fix the damaged spots with new gravel fill. Cleaning the yard can be the basis for other yard projects like installing outdoor furniture. Be sure to grab a dumpster because summer yard clean-up can churn out overwhelming waste.

summer yard updates

Add a deck or patio.

The deck and patio provide a nice space for outdoor entertainment and a functional outdoor living area. This spot gets busy during summer, and installing or remodeling the existing one is necessary. 

Provide a shade to combat the unforgiving summer heat by installing patio umbrellas. Additionally, DIY a concrete patio or wooden deck and instantly boost your property’s curb appeal.

Install planters

Another easy summer yard update you can do to improve your outdoor space is installing planters. Get garden containers and dot the yard with beautiful plants. You can be creative with the planter’s color and match them with the rest of your outdoor decor.

Planters can also offer a minimalist space to plant your herbs, producing organic ingredients to use in your kitchen. Plant containers make gardening fun, even if you have a small space. 

Create walkways

A perfect way to avoid people trespassing through your lush green grass is to create pathways. There are many ideas for you, from stepping stones, mulch, gravel, and rock walkways.

Remember to edge your garden pathways to protect your plants and grass from damage. 

Another advantage of walkways is that they add to curb appeal and can make your yard look organized and pristine.

Install outdoor seating and dining

A summer yard update can be as simple as bringing our outdoor furniture and creating a living space in the garden. You can consider lightweight furnishings that are easy to move around and be sure to add extra to accommodate friends and other family members.

You can include a dining area and an outdoor bar where you can enjoy your meals and drinks during summer.

Light up the yard and beef up security

Make your yard party-ready this summer by adding string lights. This amenity can transform your outdoor space during the night, and you can party the night away. Outdoor lighting also acts as a security measure for your property, keeping lurking intruders away. 

Beef up your property’s security by installing a fence. You can beautify it with a fence mural or be crafty and create something interesting out of it. 

If you’re looking to tackle some summer yard updates and need removal of green waste or debris, let Tucson Waste help you get the yard clear with a dumpster rental. Contact us today!