You’ve been saving up and finally have a budget ready to do home improvement projects. However, choosing your remodeling projects is crucial, especially if you care about return on investment (ROI).

Return on investment is the amount you recoup after you sell your house. You take the value of the project after the sale and subtract the job cost, and you will get net ROI.  

To get the ROI percentage, take the net ROI and divide it by the initial job cost and ✕ by 100.

So if you are looking for home projects that can recoup you the most money, you are in the right place. 

Home remodeling projects with the most significant ROI.

Garage door remodeling

Garage door remodeling is one surefire way to get the biggest bang for the bucks when it comes to home projects with the best ROI. The look and functionality of the garage door are critical, especially if it is facing the street.

According to the 2021 report by Remodeling, a garage door replacement can bring back up to 94% ROI.

If your garage door is crippling, you can focus on it, and the efforts will pay off. 

Installations of a manufactured stone veneer

If you didn’t know, investing in your house’s curb appeal can help you sell at the top price. And one way to make your home attractive is to install a manufactured stone neer.

This type of building material replicates a natural stone and gives your home a beautiful look. The 2021 report shows that a manufactured stone veneer can recoup 92% of the investment cost.

One thing is that you can install a manufactured stone veneer in a host of places in your home. For instance, you can add a stone veneer to a fireplace, exterior, and interior walls, kitchen backsplash, and much more.  

Minor kitchen remodeling

Another home project with the best ROI is the minor kitchen remodeling. With this type of project, you are typically updating some of the features and leave the kitchen footprint as it is. But what does a minor kitchen remodeling include? 

You can decide to replace the backsplash, retouch the cabinets, install new appliances, or replace the flooring.

According to the Remodeling report, the job cost of a minor kitchen remodeling is in the range of $26 214 and can recoup 72%ROI.

Siding replacement

You already that curb appeal creates the first impression of your property, and it can make or break your deal. A siding replacement with fiber cement can dramatically boost your home’s value.

Fiber cement siding offers a wide range of benefits. Some of these include durability, come in a range of styles, it is heat resistant, weather-resistant, and require little maintenance. 

If you need to balance safety and quality aesthetics, then replacing your siding with fiber cement is a great idea. 

And not only that, the Remodeling report on cost versus value shows that a siding replacement can bring back 69% of the renovation cost.

Windows replacement.

Another remodeling project you can focus on and recover most of the investment is the windows replacement. 

Vinyl windows offer many benefits, including energy efficiency, a crucial selling point, versatile style, low maintenance, and much more. 

Additionally, you can recover 69% of the windows replacement cost, which is a pretty good ROI. 

home projects with the best ROI


Work on home projects that pay off.

When planning your home remodeling projects, focus on efficiency, security, durability, and aesthetics. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best ROI.

Minor projects like a minor kitchen upgrade can boost your property’s value and offer the design and look you are looking for in your kitchen.

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