Decluttering Tips to Make 2021 Great

It is the new year! And chances are you have some new year decluttering resolutions to keep your property clutter-free all year round. Like having new year goals like money, career, and personal development goals, it is crucial to set decluttering goals for your home and execute them to ensure that you stay in a clean, junk-free environment. Also, decluttering guarantees you less stress, more energy to do other essential things, and complete control over your life. To make your home organized, feel clean and spacious, we’ve put together an excellent new year guide of decluttering tips to help you.

Work on the holiday clutters first.

With the new year comes new goals, energy, and psyche to do things you’ve been putting aside for a while. However, the thought of the vast piles of clutter in your home can dwindle your energy to declutter. The ideal thing to do is to start small. Start working on the holiday clutter first before you move to other areas. During the first few weeks of the year, your house might still be looking like Santa with all the holiday decorations and gift boxes. Start working on the junk that you generated during the holidays. 

Make a plan to store all your holiday decorations, store those holiday gifts, and toss away the packaging material the right way. You can recycle the cardboard boxes and the wrapping papers.

Also, this is the perfect time to get rid of old unneeded items in your house. Did you receive a new gift during Christmas similar to the old thing you have? Donate, sell, or toss out the old item. How about the extra gift items you have but don’t excite you? Gift someone the extra stuff you received and avoid keeping clutter around your home.

New Year decluttering tips

Create a whole year’s decluttering plan

It is just the start of the new year, which means you have many months where clutter can build up and take up your space. Instead of doing a house declutter once a year, focus on creating a year’s declutter plan on how you will minimize clutter. You can plan your home declutter project into sections to work on each month while keeping up with the rest of your daily activities to reduce and eliminate clutter. 

Additionally, you can narrow down your plan to weekly/bi-weekly declutter to make it easier and achievable.

Since it takes a while for clutter to build up, having a clean out plan to cover the whole year will ensure that you minimize trash in your home.  

Focus on home organization

If you’ve been having a hard time keeping toys in one place or garage items organized, and you are so done with clutter, then you need to figure out a proper home organization plan. Don’t let random things clutter your space and give you stress all year. Focus on installing shelves, cabinets, and getting storage containers for excess items in your home. Storage containers can help you keep seasonal stuff like Christmas decorations in a safe place until the next season. 

You can use shelves and cabinets to store other items and create a minimalist design for more house space and sanity. 

Find junk disposal experts to help you.

Decluttering can be an easy job to do at your pace, but sometimes a little bit of professional help can help. Involve a proficient junk hauler if you have excess clutter you want to dispose of. For example, you will need a dumpster to haul bulky items like giant Christmas trees, old furniture, appliances, mattresses, clothes, etc. Tucson Waste Services is your junk expert for commercial and residential declutter projects. Let the pros here help you find a place to take your junk.