It is about that time of the year—between mid-June and late September—when the dry wind, heat, and moisture combine efforts to show us who is in control. And that means you need to get your protection gear ready and prepare for the monsoon season. The monsoon season presents precarious conditions like flash floods, lightning, heavy rains, and winds. Monsoon season can be a disaster, from sending staff flying and breaking windows to water flooding your home. Preparing for monsoon season is the best way to mitigate the risks and be safe throughout the season.

Ensure that your roofing is in excellent condition

When the heavy rain starts to pour and the windy weather starts, it means that you have to stay indoors. But what happens when your roof starts to leak as soon as the rain starts? Prepare for the monsoon season by restoring your roof and make it sturdy so that it can survive the terrible weather. Look for a professional and licensed roofer to inspect your roof and possibly repair any damaged shingles. 

Your contractor will ensure no defects on your roof, missing tiles, or cracks that can make your roofing vulnerable to heavy rains and winds. The last thing you need is water dripping from the ceiling into your house. 

Install or clean up your gutters

Another way to prepare for the monsoon season is to ensure that you have a functioning drainage system. Flash floods can wreak havoc and damage your home if you don’t have drainage to eliminate the dump. 

The gutters help drain the rainwater away from the house, so it doesn’t affect its foundation. Ensure that you install a trench if you don’t have one. Please clean up your gutters and remove any debris blocking them so that the water drains without problems. 

preparing for monsoon season in Tucson

Make space in your garage

Chances are your vehicle has the driveway as its home, thanks to the clutter in the garage. However, leaving your car outside during the monsoon season is not an option. The best idea is to make space for your vehicle in the garage by discarding clutter and cleaning out the garage. Park your cars inside to avoid damages from falling trees, flying objects, and any other debris from the storm. Speaking of which, ensure that you remove or secure any outdoor items that can quickly fly because of the heavy winds. For instance, brutal winds can blow away the patio furniture, umbrellas, and gazebo items. 

Install shutters

When preparing for the monsoon season and the rains during summer, remember that strengthening your house against the storm is imperative. An additional safety measure like installing shutters on your doors and windows can help them withstand the heavy winds and rains. 

Additionally, it is crucial to inspect if there are openings and cracks around your house. These openings can let in water, and before you know it, your home is knee-deep in floods. And you know that the surges can damage your household items and expose you and your family to health risks. 

Curb molds in your house by caulking the openings and sealing any cracks before the monsoon season starts.  

Clean up the yard

The force that comes with the monsoon rain or wind is astronomical, and it can damage trees which can be hazardous. A tree can fall right into your house, hit your car, or damage power lines. Start landscaping early and trim overgrown bushes and remove loose and overhanging tree branches. 

Eliminate any tree limbs in your yard because flash floods can break them off and damage your property.

Roll-off dumpsters for disaster preparation

If you have colossal debris to eliminate while preparing for monsoon season, you can count on Tucson Waste Services for quality roll-off containers. Get any size you want, and let us haul your garbage.