Do you have electronic waste piling up? Are you looking for a sustainable way to dispose of electronic waste in Tucson? From office buildings, retail stores to residential homes, electronics make part of our daily lives. However, when these electronics reach their end of life, you can do nothing with them but discard them. Unwanted or useless electronics can take up a significant amount of space on your property. But you can’t just take e-waste to the curb because of its hazardous nature. Electronic waste, whether dead mobile phones, computers, TVs, monitors, fridges, LED bulbs, or solar panels, can be highly toxic. The components inside this electronic waste can be highly poisonous to humans, animals, and the environment.

Best ways to handle E-waste in Tucson

If you have E-waste, whether at home or in your business, choosing the best course of action is imperative to avoid its negative impact. And the good news is that there are various safe ways to discard technological garbage.

Reduce Tucson E-waste

The reason you have significant amounts of e-waste is that you consume a lot of electronics. While there is nothing wrong with getting yourself the latest iPhone, you need to consider the impact of E-waste.

One of the ideal ways to deal with pesky e-waste is to reduce the production from the source.

Before you purchase a new device, it is imperative to exhaust all the ways like repairing and extending the life of your current device. You can consider trade-in if you need to upgrade your gadgets.

Another way to reduce E-waste at the source is to protect the devices you already have.

When you have more miniature electronics, you can be sure of less electronic waste to deal with in the long run.  

Tucson E-Waste Guide

Reuse electronics

Reusing electronics is another brilliant way to manage your E-waste. If your device is repairable, you can take it to the nearest electronic repair center and fix it for reuse. 

Additionally, your can update your computers instead of discarding them.

Reusing large electronics helps in extending the electronics life and ultimately reducing the electronic garbage.

Recycle electronic waste

Another responsible way to get rid of E-waste is to use a certified recycler to recycle your useless devices. An accredited recycling facility offers better e-waste recycling options and follows protocols. Additionally, they can help you safely destroy any crucial data in your devices before recycling. 

You can use sites like cal recycle to locate the nearest certified electronics recycler. 

Donate electronics to a charity organization

Do you have pretty used electronics like phones, computers, TVs, printers, or gaming systems? You can donate them to local charities instead of disposing of them in the landfill.

Companies like World Computer Exchange accept electronic donations like phones, computers, monitors, scanners, digital cameras, and much more.

Donating a functional electronic is a great way to ensure the underprivileged get access to the digital world.  

Use environmentally-friendly electronics

When getting yourself a new electronic device like a phone, a gaming system, a laptop, or a television, it is crucial to have sustainability in mind. 

Green electronics are toxic-free, starting from the packaging to the actual product. 

Also, environmentally-friendly electronics are energy-efficient, and you can reuse, recycle, upgrade, or repair them for more extended use. 

Tucson E-waste dos and don’ts.

Before you send your electronics to a donation center, take-back manufacture, or recycling facility, do ensure that you erase your crucial information in the device. 

Do read the instructions from the manufacturer on how to dispose of the end-of-life electronic. 

Also, do recycle your e-waste with a certified recycler. 

Don’t put your electronic waste along with your curbside trash.

Never disassemble your electronics yourself. 

Tucson Waste Services can help.

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