Guide to Tucson Garage Organizing

Do you have a mission to declutter and organize your garage? The garage area can be a perfect repository for all the knick-knacks in your home. And with time, you’ll run out of floor space to even park one vehicle. Parking your car indoors is the most crucial function of a garage; however, vast chunks of clutter make it near impossible. And remember, it’s not a lack of garage space but organization that’s making your garage look like a hot mess. Below are tips to help you organize and manage your Tucson garage organizing plan. Whether you need to create a garage space to conduct your hobbies or fit in your car, these tips are helpful.


How do you organize a garage full of everything?

It’s obvious; home garages are always full of everything. However, by dedicating a weekend or two to commit to your Tucson garage organizing, you can have the space back that you deserve. A clean and functional home garage can make your entire house function seamlessly. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your garage is squeaky-clean and vehicle safe.

Tucson garage organizing


Evaluate the junk in your garage

Before touching anything in the garage, evaluate the clutter and the items to deal with. The garage evaluation process helps you understand the role of each item taking up space and can influence your decluttering decisions. For instance, you will know the time you need to declutter, the number of storage containers, and perhaps the dumpster size to rent. Typically, the smaller items are stressful when doing garage decluttering. Also, you’ll want to note down those random items with awkward shapes so that you can find a better storage system for them.


Decluttering: The Secret to Tucson Garage Organizing

Another tip to achieving a clutter-free garage is to create a divide and conquer plan. To handle the mess effortlessly, you need to create and label four sections—sell, donate, keep. The “sell” pile can hold any item you think is still valuable; however, you don’t use or need it. This garage junk can quickly make you some cash, and you can put them up for sale online. Alternatively, you can set up a convenient date to host a yard sale for all the stuff you need to sell.


You might have some items you could give away for free and rid yourself of unwanted items. And that is where the “donate” section comes in. If you have clothes, toys, furniture, devices, or anything outgrown by your kids, you can consider giving them away for free to needy people and communities. You can also donate books, computers, and accessories.


The “keep” pile holds any item you deem helpful in your household. These are the items you’ll need to organize and put in the storage. Consider keeping items that are super needed and toss any old, damaged, expired or broken.


And lastly is the toss section; this section takes up all the unwanted garage junk. And you don’t even need to create a simple pile section to dump the unwanted junk—get a sturdy dumpster and dump garage clutter on the go. This trash will end up in a dumpster anyways, so why not do it once?


Install shelves on the vertical space

Once you determine the fate of each item occupying your garage space, create a solution for the things to keep.

And one of the best solutions is utilizing the vertical garage space.

Your goal is to get as many items off the floor as possible.

Consider suitable old shelving or metal shelves to keep your things safe.

You can also attach a storage rack to your ceiling if you need more shelves.

Get a pegboard to hook some of the items to the wall. 


Use tool kits and storage containers

Create tool kits for your tools and get opaque containers to keep all other items that you can’t hang on the wall. Label each container for accessible location.


When you’re ready to get your Tucson garage organizing done, contact Tucson Waste Services to get a dumpster rental so you can tackle this project quickly and easily.