Are you planning a kitchen makeover? Kitchen remodeling is an excellent way to make your beat-up kitchen feel brand new. And time-lapse kitchen remodeling videos on TikTok or YouTube make it seem easy. Yet, those videos don’t show you the taxing part of the project. You have to declutter, source contractors, buy supplies and appliances, and remove debris.  But don’t let these challenges crimp your project. Below are the best Tucson kitchen remodel tips to help you tackle your kitchen upgrades pain-free and in a cost-effective manner.

5 Tucson Kitchen Remodel Tips for 2022

Consider kitchen upgrades that add value

Kitchen upgrades can cost a pretty penny. Check your current kitchen and determine things to update. 

Doing kitchen upgrades that add value is crucial. It is more paramount, especially if you need to put your house up for sale in the future.

Balance kitchen efficiency, and functionality with unique upgrades that add value. For example, installing a kitchen island, replacing cabinets, countertops, and upgrading appliances.

Additionally, an in-kitchen office desk can be an excellent idea if you need a home office. A home office space can add value considering that most people work from home these days.

Tucson kitchen remodel tips

Tear and demolish with a plan

Ripping apart your current kitchen and removing all unwanted items is the first step. Work will be easy when you have a plain canvas to renovate.

You might need to bring down the walls, and cabinets, and wreck the floor and countertops.

The kitchen demolition process can be quite tricky. And having a plan beforehand is crucial to streamlining everything.

For instance, you need to put your and your family’s safety first when tearing down your kitchen. Make sure to turn off the electricity and water before you start demolishing. 

Another thing is to have a plan and reliable team to remove the kitchen demolition debris.

Tucson Waste Services has your back and will get you the dumpster for the garbage.

Focus on kitchen functionality

An important Tucson kitchen remodel tip is that kitchen trends can make a great focal point, but not all are efficient and functional.

Focus on creating a functional and efficient kitchen that makes cooking fun and easier.

Check your kitchen storage needs. Create a pantry and cabinet design that meets your storage needs.

Consider maintenance costs and durability when choosing the floor, backsplash, and countertop material.

There are various durable and easy-to-clean floors you can try for your kitchen.

Create a temporary kitchen

A kitchen remodeling project can interrupt your routine kitchen activities like cooking. And, you need to eat your freshly-cooked meals even with an ongoing kitchen renovation.

Choose a spot that’s away from your kitchen area and with electric outlets.

You might not need a temporary kitchen if you have an outdoor kitchen that you can use.

The basic items you need to install a temporary kitchen include;

  • A mini-fridge,
  • Portable kitchen sink
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Convection oven
  • Table
  • Dish rack
  • Garbage, and recycling containers.

The goal of a temporary kitchen is to provide a safe and clean mean preparation area.

Be part of your Tucson kitchen remodel process

You might think that your team of kitchen remodeling contractors should handle everything. But, it is a great idea to be part of the kitchen remodeling process. You can make sure that the project is going on according to your plans.

Even better, you can handle some of the easy-to-do kitchen upgrades to save money.

You can tackle the kitchen clutter, demolition, or install the backsplash and the tiles. Additionally, you can spruce up the kitchen walls and cabinets with new paint.

At Tucson Waste Services, we understand that kitchen renovations can be overwhelming. Contact us to deliver a dumpster for your Tucson kitchen remodel today.